Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Formally Endorses 2016 Clean Energy Champions

November 1st — Today, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) formally announced its list of 2016 Clean Energy Champions, candidates for the U.S. House and Senate who earned the organization’s endorsement. To date in 2016, CRES has spent more than $1.7 million in support of U.S. House and Senate candidates who are focused on advancing renewable energy solutions.

“CRES is proud to formally endorse a strong list of 2016 Clean Energy Champions who are focused on commonsense, clean energy solutions in Congress and on the campaign trail,” CRES Director of Federal Affairs Andrew Bird said. “Seven in ten voters are more likely to vote for a congressional candidate that supports an agenda promoting diversification and growth of clean energy resources such as wind, nuclear, solar, and hydropower. CRES is committed to ensuring that voters across America are aware of these candidates’ work to advance clean energy policies that grow the economy, strengthen America’s national security, and improve the quality of our natural environment.”

Among candidates for the U.S. Senate, CRES formally endorses:

  • Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH)
  • Senator Richard Burr (NC)
  • Senator Chuck Grassley (IA)
  • Senator Mark Kirk (IL)
  • Senator John McCain (AZ)
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK)
  • Senator Rob Portman (OH)
  • Representative Joe Heck (Candidate for Senate, NV)

Among candidates for the U.S. House, CRES formally endorses:

  • Representative Mark Amodei (NV-02)
  • Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03)
  • Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10)
  • Representative Ryan Costello (PA-06)
  • Representative Carlos Curbelo (FL-26)
  • Representative Charlie Dent (PA-15)
  • Representative Bob Dold (IL-10)
  • Representative John Katko (NY-24)
  • Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-16)
  • Representative Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02)
  • Representative Pat Meehan (PA-7)
  • Representative Dan Newhouse (WA-04)
  • Representative Tom Reed (NY-23)
  • Representative Dave Reichert (WA-08)
  • Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27)
  • Representative Mike Simpson (ID-02)
  • Representative Elise Stefanik (NY-21)
  • Representative Lee Zeldin (NY-01)
  • Representative Ryan Zinke (MT-AL)
  • John Faso (Candidate for NY-19)
  • Brian Fitzpatrick (Candidate for PA-08)

“Since my time as Attorney General, I’ve worked across party lines to preserve and protect our environment while pursuing common-sense policies to meet our energy needs. I’m honored to receive this endorsement from Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and look forward to continuing our work together to support clean energy policies that make sense for New Hampshire.”
– Sen. Kelly Ayotte

“From the Great Smoky Mountains to the shores of the Outer Banks and everywhere in between, North Carolina is blessed with a bountiful landscape, a rich cultural heritage and pristine natural resources. Our environmental landmarks are the lifeblood of our economy, which is why I have made preserving these wonders a priority in the U.S. Senate. I’m pleased to have the endorsement of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and I’m proud that they have recognized my bipartisan work to preserve the Land and Water Conservation Fund and to achieve bipartisan consensus on promoting abundant forms of renewable energy development.”
– Sen. Richard Burr

“I work in the Senate fighting to develop all forms of homegrown, American-made clean energy. Iowa has unleashed the potential of wind power, which plays an important role in strengthening our economic and energy security. In fact, wind energy has supported 7,000 Iowa jobs, generated $16 million in lease payments and supplied more that 30% of in-state electricity last year. Those are real results that are helping Iowa farmers, creating jobs for future generations and leading us toward energy independence. I thank Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions for their endorsement and I look forward to continuing my work in the United States Senate fighting for Iowans.”
– Sen. Chuck Grassley

“We can protect our environment without hurting the economy, and my work in the Senate has focused on striking that balance. In Illinois, my priority is keeping the Great Lakes clean for our tourism industry and for the more than 40 million people who rely on it for safe drinking water. I thank Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions for their endorsement, and look forward to continuing my work in the Senate building a stronger economy and a healthier environment.“
– Sen. Mark Kirk

“I thank Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions for their endorsement, and their work bringing balance to our nation’s energy conversation. For the future of our economy and national security we need to be growing not restraining our energy sector. We should be maximizing our domestic resources to create jobs here at home, while freeing ourselves from spending tax dollars on oil from hostile nations. That means developing all forms of American energy including traditional sources like natural gas and nuclear to renewables like solar and geothermal, and cutting the Washington red tape that is hindering energy production.”
– Sen. John McCain

“Serving Alaska in the U.S. Senate is my greatest honor. As chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I have pursued policies to improve our access to energy that is abundant, affordable, clean, diverse and secure. Alaska’s oil fields are a great asset to our nation’s energy security, but our state is also rich in renewable energy. I have championed the development of Alaska’s hydropower, wind, geothermal, biomass and other renewable resources to reduce our reliance on diesel and lower utility bills. I thank Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions for their endorsement, and I look forward to continuing to fight for Alaska and our national energy security.”
– Sen. Lisa Murkowski

“America’s economic and national security is dependent on a comprehensive national energy plan that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and ensures we have access to affordable domestic energy. Ohio can play a key role in that plan by recognizing and harnessing the power of our abundant natural resources – including traditional and renewable sources – and matching them with our skilled workforce and manufacturing capabilities. I’m proud to have CRES’s endorsement and proud to work across the aisle on policies that advance energy efficiency goals and further innovation in technologies like carbon capture sequestration that will lead us to a new generation of increased domestic energy production and job creation for Ohio families.”
– Sen. Rob Portman

“I am proud to be named a 2016 Clean Energy Champion by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. Domestic energy production is primed to break our economy out of the recovery and into a period of prosperity with more opportunities for Americans to find good paying jobs. Nevada is prepared to lead the nation in this energy development resurgence, especially in the areas of solar and geothermal. In Congress, I introduced a bill to allow Nevada to leverage its unique geography and vast amounts of public lands to develop renewable energy sources, which will boost our local economy and help us produce more clean energy. And I am a strong supporter of renewable energy research and development to ensure America remains a world leader in clean energy technology. I look forward to continuing that work in the Senate with my fellow Clean Energy Champions.”
– Dr. Joe Heck, candidate for U.S. Senate

“I’m pleased to receive an endorsement from Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and honored to be named a 2016 Clean Energy Champion. In Nevada, and across the country, we have an abundant and diverse supply of resources that we must use to meet our nation’s energy requirements. I believe it is in our nation’s long-term interest to embrace cleaner, more efficient, American produced energy sources. This is why I will continue to support policies that allow us to develop new sources of energy and create jobs here at home”
– Rep. Mark Amodei

“In southern Florida, our environment is our economy. From national marine sanctuaries to bays, waterways, and national parks, our state is home to many of America’s most pristine natural resources. I’m proud that my work to forge bipartisan consensus in renewable energy development and technology in Congress has earned the endorsement of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. It’s these efforts that will directly address the threat climate change poses to our local economy, and help to maintain the quality of our land, air and waters for future generations.”
– Rep. Carlos Curbelo

“In Congress, I have worked across the aisle to build consensus and strengthen conservation programs and policies that promote public health, protect the Great Lakes and keep our air and waterways clean. That’s why I’m especially proud to have the endorsement of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. Renewable energy development and technology is an affordable, safe and reliably abundant means by which we can help to protect the economic vitality and national security of Illinois and our country for years to come.”
– Rep. Bob Dold

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. On Long Island, with some of the highest utility bills in the nation, there is an enormous need for more affordable energy. In Congress, I have fought to increase funding for research to advance green forms of renewable energy. The United States needs to take a proactive role in researching new and innovative technology to promote better energy policy, and I have been proud to support legislation that makes the upgrading of energy infrastructure a national priority. I thank Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions for their endorsement, and I look forward to continuing to work with them towards cleaner and more affordable forms of energy.”
– Rep. Lee Zeldin

“We all want clean air, land, and water – especially here in Montana where our land and water help power the multi-billion dollar outdoor recreation economy. I am pleased to receive the endorsement of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions as a 2016 Clean Energy Champion. I proudly support our public lands, voted to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and believe our national parks are essential to our nation’s future. But we need to make sure our pristine lands are around for future generations by being responsible energy producers today. I am focused on achieving this by working with my colleagues in the House Energy, Innovation and Environmental Working Group. Innovative energy solutions which respect the environment can be developed right here in the U.S.A. but it’s going to take a Congress and a president working together.”
– Rep. Ryan Zinke


Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization advocating for comprehensive and responsible solutions to our nation’s energy issues. The organization is comprised of citizens from around the country who believe it is time for politicians in Washington to stop arguing, and start working on ways to solve our nation’s energy crisis.

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