Letter: Sen. Rob Portman is dedicated to ensure our armed forces remain the world’s best: Letter to the Editor


As originally published in Cleveland Plain Dealer on April 26, 2018.

While the highest investment in the U.S. military in 15 years rightfully grabbed headlines following the FY18 federal budget’s approval last month, the government also provided funding for another important national security measure–energy R&D.

The budget included support for programs like the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Both are administered by the Department of Energy, but the Department of Defense also stands to gain as one of the world’s largest energy consumers that is constantly working to optimize operations.

The Pentagon has set ambitious goals for integrating renewable energy; however, its efforts aren’t about reducing emissions. They are about extending combat effectiveness to go further with less and to guarantee energy reliability in mission-critical situations. Advanced energy technology R&D makes that possible. For example, microgrids are deployed on military bases for on-site distributed electricity generation.

Senator Rob Portman is dedicated to ensure our armed forces remain the world’s best, and he has also always been a strong supporter of clean energy. As a clean energy advocate and the wife of a veteran, I thank him for his leadership during the budget process.

Heather Reams, Managing Director
Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Washington, D.C.

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