Letter: Kudos to Gov. Herbert for his superb leadership on clean energy issues

As originally published in the The Salt Lake Tribune on May 26, 2018.


I would like to thank Gov. Gary Herbert for his outstanding leadership recently on clean energy issues in Utah.

Earlier this month, he unveiled his Energy Action Plan, which includes 10 commonsense goals toward a more secure energy future for Utah — including the continued investment in energy efficiency, developing infrastructure for alternative fuels, and supporting energy research and initiatives.

Gov. Herbert also signed HCR007 Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship. This resolution is an important benchmark for Utah because it “recognizes the impacts of a changing climate on Utah citizens” and “encourages the reduction of emissions through incentives and the support of growth in technologies and services that enlarge the economy.”

Increasing numbers of conservatives across the country are supporting clean energy and recognizing climate change, so it is good to see prominent Republicans like Gov. Herbert embrace these views. His all-of-the-above approach to energy innovation is one other GOP governors should emulate.

By Heather Reams

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