Sandoval excels on clean energy

It was wonderful to see the National Clean Energy Summit return to Las Vegas (“Power players examine energy from many sides,” Oct. 2,, especially following the success of the first-annual National Clean Energy Week held Sept. 25-29, in which my organization participated.

Nevada should be proud not only for hosting the summit, but also because of the involvement of its current and past leaders. This year, Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, had a central role, underscoring the growing bipartisan support for clean energy. As the chair of the National Governors Association, he led a discussion with other governors on clean energy policy initiatives taking place at the state level.

 It’s not just talk. This summer alone, Gov. Sandoval signed multiple energy bills to help Nevada stay on the cutting edge of clean energy development. His efforts led to my organization honoring him this year with our Clean Energy Champion award.

He also issued a proclamation for National Clean Energy Week in Nevada in conjunction with the observance of this occasion nationwide, formally acknowledging the clean energy sector as “a driver of economic growth in Nevada” and supporting Nevada entrepreneurs and small businesses in asserting “American energy leadership and dominance in the global marketplace.”

Gov. Sandoval should be commended for his efforts to recognize and advance clean energy solutions.

Heather Reams, managing director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

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