CMR a leader on energy

By Heather Reams, as originally published in the The Spokesman-Review on October 30, 2017


Congratulations to Rep. McMorris Rodgers on being recognized as a Clean Energy Champion by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions.

When it comes to clean energy, Representative McMorris Rodgers is perhaps best known for her advocacy for hydropower, which now represents 70 percent of Washington’s total energy production. This summer, she introduced the introduced the Hydropower Policy Modernization Act of 2017, which would streamline the licensing and permitting process and facilitate the development of small hydropower and conduit projects. She has been a powerful voice for bipartisan support for clean energy as a member of the Energy Conference Committee.

Within her party, she is a thought leader on energy and the environment. This is notable because the Republican Party is turning a corner on clean energy; a recent poll commissioned by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum, found that a majority of all Republicans (57%), including younger GOP voters (65%), favor the federal government taking steps to reduce emissions of gases like carbon dioxide and methane emissions that cause global climate change.

McMorris Rodgers’ record on clean energy is laudable. On behalf of those who value the balance among the economy, energy and the environment, I thank her leadership.

Heather Reams, Managing Director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

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