Gov. Reynolds is a Clean Energy Champion


Letter to the editor by Heather Reams, as originally published in the Des Moines Register on Oct. 17, 2017

Iowa has certainly benefited from excellent bipartisan leadership over the years and as a result, it has an unparalleled track record in clean energy innovation. In her short time in office, Gov. Kim Reynolds has demonstrated that her administration is dedicated to furthering the state’s reputation and leading the country in responsible energy solutions.

For that reason, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions has selected Gov. Reynolds as a Clean Energy Champion for her commitment to balancing our nation’s economic, energy and environmental needs.

The governor has put forth a model energy plan for Iowa and toured the state to reach out to entrepreneurs working in clean energy. She has also gone to Washington on multiple occasions to share Iowa’s success with federal policymakers and call for stricter clean energy provisions nationwide.

And she is just getting started. We congratulate Governor Reynolds on her award and believe she will be an even greater advocate for clean energy in Iowa and across the country as her term in office progresses.

Heather Reams, managing director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions


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