Common Sense Vote

Letter to the editor as originally published in the Bucks County Courier Times on September 21.

Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard mandates that 18 percent of the commonwealth’s electricity must come from renewable or alternative sources by 2021.

To reach that goal, investment needs to shift away from traditional fossil fuels.The Environmental Protection Agency’s methane rule and the Obama Administration’s “social cost of carbon” regulations were designed to do just that, but two amendments to an omnibus bill will prevent funds from being used to enforce those measures.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick was one of just a handful of Republicans to vote against both of those harmful amendments, and he should be reassured that, not only are many of his constituents in Bucks County with him on this issue, but the future of the Republican Party is as well.

My organization, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, commissioned a poll that found that 86 percent of young Republicans favor the federal government taking steps to reduce emissions that accelerate climate change.

 Congressman Fitzpatrick should be applauded for voting for commonsense rather than along party lines.


Heather Reams, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

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