Ayotte Champions Clean Energy Future for New Hampshire

By Dominic LeBel

As originally published in Medium

Let’s set the record straight: as State Attorney General and a U.S. Senator, Kelly Ayotte has amassed an unparalleled record of achievement that has made her a clean energy champion for New Hampshire families. Over the past decade, Ayotte has proven to be an effective fighter for clean air and water and an invaluable advocate for clean energy solutions that benefit consumers and businesses across our state.

That’s why Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is proud to stand with Senator Ayotte and support her continued leadership in the U.S. Senate. In addition to proudly endorsing her reelection, CRES has worked with prominent New Hampshire Republican leaders and activists to build support around advancing clean energy solutions right here in the Granite State.

As our State Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte placed efforts to preserve our environment before partisanship. She not only served under Republican and Democratic Governors, but she also fought attempts by leaders from both parties to roll back air quality protections by promoting meaningful nationwide controls on mercury emissions standards.

No amount of partisan, false attacks from out of state special interests will obscure Kelly Ayotte’s record and the fact that she has continued to be a strong, independent fighter for commonsense, clean energy reforms. During her time in the Senate, Kelly Ayotte:

  • Led on the successful effort to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) through 2018;
  • Became the first Republican to support the Clean Power Plan, which sets targets to decrease carbon emissions from power plants to address climate change;
  • Took decisive action to address climate change and expand renewable energy development by introducing an amendment to the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, which called for our country to be a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increases in federal clean energy R&D investments; and
  • Launched the Senate Energy and Environmental Working Group, leading the way with three Senate colleagues to promote energy reforms that not only secure a clean air legacy, but also strengthen the economy and achieve cleaner energy production.

Kelly has proven that in order to achieve results for New Hampshire, you have to trade partisan battles for an intent focus on delivering results. Her record makes clear that the only special interest she is interested in serving is that of New Hampshire voters. That’s why I’m so proud to support her reelection.

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