On the Environment, Ayotte Leads on Principle

America is presently experiencing an energy revival that offers an opportunity to achieve our shared environmental goals without compromising our fragile economy. Long-term success will require decisive action by our elected leaders in Washington that is grounded in free market, pro-growth incentives to get the job done. New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte is a leader who has amassed a track record of results and the determination to build consensus to guide effective policy through to implementation.

Today, our nation is defined by an abundance of diverse energy resources – natural gas, nuclear, solar to name a few – rather than a scarcity of them. Senator Ayotte understands that by harnessing the transformational forces of the free market to bring about change efficiently and effectively, the United States can protect the environment and achieve energy independence. Time and again Senator Ayotte has taken a principled stand in support of fiscally responsible policy initiatives that benefit New Hampshire, even when her fellow Senate Republicans voted against them.

While recent attention has been paid to the Senator’s leadership on preserving our climate, it is her consistent, common sense leadership on the environment that makes her a champion of New Hampshire’s – and America’s – natural resources.

As a proven consensus builder, Senator Ayotte has always been willing to reach across the aisle to achieve actionable change and common sense energy reforms. In 2011, Ayotte was one of only five Republicans to vote no on the motion to proceed to S.J. Res. 27, a joint resolution disapproving of the Cross State Air Pollution Rule. In 2012, Senator Ayotte was one of six Republicans to vote against the motion to proceed to S.J. Res. 37, a joint resolution disapproving of the EPA’s Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule regulating mercury emissions. And in 2014, Senator Ayotte was a vocal supporter of the Supreme Court’s decision that cleared the way for clean-air policies to protect New Hampshire and other downwind states from pollutants emitted by out-of-state power plants. In fact, since being elected Senator Ayotte has fought tirelessly to encourage the use of the best technology available so emissions from Midwest power plants don’t pollute New Hampshire’s pristine environment.

Recently, Senator Ayotte introduced an amendment to the Keystone XL bill that would permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which would further conserve parks, open spaces, and wildlife habitats in New Hampshire and across America. This carries benefits for hunters, recreational and commercial fisherman, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts alike. In announcing her support for reauthorization of the LWCF, Ayotte noted: “Preserving New Hampshire’s pristine landscape is important to our state’s economy and way of life. LWCF has been used to protect thousands of acres in New Hampshire – without using taxpayer dollars.”

America needs more pragmatic leaders like Senator Kelly Ayotte who actively promote technology that will maximize America’s abundant resources, while ensuring that we are using energy development in a smart and efficient manner to strengthen our national security. Too often, through their own inaction, members of Congress have abdicated their responsibility to develop sustainable and cleaner forms of energy production to regulators. Ultimately the end result of this inaction ends up being personified by economic uncertainty and cumbersome regulations at the expense of technological innovation. Senator Ayotte understands that the ingenuity of free enterprise, and not burdensome regulation, will bring more American-made energy to market, foster renewed investment in domestic manufacturing and stimulate job creation here at home.

The recent Congressional elections created both an opportunity and the responsibility for robust conservative leadership in the future of American energy and environmental policy. Thanks to the principled work and precedent set forth by Senator Kelly Ayotte during her first term in the Senate, we are well poised to preserve the clean air, water and natural beauty of New Hampshire for generations to come.

New Hampshire Journal

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James Dozier is the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, which is committed to promoting common sense solutions that enhance America’s economic, national, and environmental security.

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