Business Spotlight: Samsung Drives Worldwide Renewable Infrastructure

We have officially moved into the holiday season, and one of the greatest gifts to our future is the ability to generate clean energy. Recent years have seen leaders in the private sector take on further responsibility in this arena, and here at CRES, we love highlighting companies that go above and beyond for the sake of sustainable energy solutions—not to mention cost savings.

Samsung Electronics is a global powerhouse in the world of technology, and this year they announced their goal for 100% renewable energy to be used at all Samsung facilities in the United States, Europe, and China by 2020. This goal encompasses all of Samsung’s factories, office buildings, and operational facilities in these locations.

With this commitment, Samsung has joined forces with the World Wildlife Fund’s Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center—two important initiatives furthering the viability of clean energy for private companies.

In the press announcement from earlier this year, Won Kyong Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Public Affairs at Samsung Electronics, expressed the company’s responsibility to develop renewable energy for the rest of the world.

“Samsung Electronics is fulfilling its duty as a corporate citizen by expanding and supporting the use of renewable energy. As demonstrated by our expanded commitment, we are focused on protecting our planet and are doing our part as a global environmental steward,” said Kim.

Samsung is headquartered in South Korea, where they are working closely with the Korean government to support the government’s national strategic plan to ramp up renewable energy use 20 percent in the country by 2030.

Around the world, Samsung continues to drive renewable investments with a number of activities; among these actives is Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. (SRE), a subsidiary of Samsung C&T Corporation’s Investment and Trading group. SRE focuses on renewable energy and infrastructure serving utilities, industry and communities.

Just in the last few years, two new wind farms in Ontario, Canada, have been built and are now fully operational.

Under the guidance of SRE Inc. North Kent Wind, a 100 megawatt wind power facility located in Chatham-Kent is up and running as of April 9th. The facility will generate enough electricity to power more than 400,000 homes each year.

The Belle River Wind power facility is another SRE Inc. project that has come to fruition. Located in Lakeshore, Ontario, the facility is online as of October of last year and will have the capacity to power roughly 35,000 homes every year. Both of these projects are in alignment with the Green Energy Investment Agreement between Samsung and the Canadian government.

Samsung is one of many companies around the world that are working to drive innovation in the clean-energy sector. Take a look at our Business Spotlight series for more stories on business leaders that are rising above the pack to make clean energy a viable option.

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