Heather Reams: What if women led energy?

In celebration of International Women’s Day, CRES President Heather Reams participated in a “BOLD” global virtual panel discussion on women-centric leadership. The panel’s central question was: “what if women led ____?”

The session included female leaders across many sectors, including government, education, media, corporations, and finance. Reams spoke to the idea: “what if women led energy?”

• Women make it happen: Reams encouraged women to get involved in non-profit work. A woman on a mission is powerful. Women are dealmakers. They get things done and make things happen.

• Women build excellent teams: Building teams is incredibly rewarding. Reams enjoys mentoring and watching her team members grow professionally. Reams and her team value collaboration, communications and honesty.

• Women have a central role to play in addressing the climate crisis: Global climate change is one of the most complex issues that we have ever faced and it requires a complex set of solutions.

• Call to action: Reams encouraged viewers to engage, be bold, take-art, get out there and make a difference. Find something that inspires you and that you are passionate about. Women have special talent that our world needs.

“The intersection of energy and climate is inseparable now, and it wasn’t that way before,” said Reams.

Republican female leaders are no stranger to the impacts of climate change on our economy, natural treasures, and way of life. Solving the world’s biggest climate threats requires an all-of-the-above energy approach, and the United States should be leading that charge. That’s why it’s encouraging to see Republican female leaders leading on legislation to reduce global emissions and advance clean energy solutions.

To watch the full discussion click here.

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