Business Spotlight: Henniker Brewing Company


Interview with: Dave Currier of Henniker Brewing Company (Managing Member)


1) What is the name of your business and what do you do?

Our business is Henniker Brewing Company and we started in 2011. We are a craft brewer in New Hampshire and pride ourselves in brewing quality beer that New Hampshire is proud to call its own.

2) What is the connection between brewing beer and energy?

People don’t usually think of brewing beer and energy going hand in hand, but in many ways they do. The fact of the matter is that like many businesses, we operate a very large facility and cost of electrically absolutely effects us and our bottom line. We always want to brew delicious, affordable and accessible beer, and anything we can do to minimize our overhead without hurting our quality helps us do that.

3) You pride your business on its New Hampshire ties, how does the New England environment play into that picture?

It definitely plays a role. The brewing process requires a lot of water and we are very fortune here in Henniker to have such an outstanding water source on our property. I would also say that at our tap room we serve many hikers and outdoorsman who have come climb Mt. Kearsarge, Mt. Sunapee and Pats Peak as well as kayaking on the Contoocook River.  They explore the beauty of New Hampshire and then finish the day in the tap room with an authentic New Hampshire beer.

4) What has your business done in regards to clean energy in New England?

We are a member of the New Hampshire Brewers Association, and for the last two years we have partnered with many other New Hampshire businesses to celebrate NH Energy Week. During this week, we engage leaders from all NH Sectors in discussions and work to ensure that NH’s Energy Future doesn’t leave anyone behind. NH Energy Week brings us all together to highlight the many ways NH is already making important progress toward a reliable, affordable, sustainable energy future.

5) Has your business undergone any efficiency measures/ what has your business done or plans to do in order to reduce energy costs?

We are hoping to change our lights to more efficient LED lighting in the near future. The State of New Hampshire incentivizes business to make this change and we are hoping to take advance of that soon.

6) What do you think is important for elected officials to know about clean energy?

As a former Republican State Senator, I just think it is important for elected officials to know that energy and an all of the above energy approach doesn’t have to be political. Gov. Sunnunu has been a leader on many of these issues and I hope to see a continued bi-partisan approach to New Hampshire’s energy future.

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