Washington, D.C. – Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES), a national non-profit organization advocating for comprehensive solutions to our nation’s clean energy challenges, released the following South Carolina survey data this morning pertaining to the Republican presidential field, Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Lindsey Graham, and the energy concerns of likely primary voters.

Republican Presidential Primary Ballot
(11/9 – 11/12/15)

Undecided: 27%
D. Trump 20%
B. Carson 19%
M. Rubio 13%
T. Cruz 7%
J. Bush 7%
C. Fiorina 2%
J. Kasich 1%
L. Graham 1%
M. Huckabee 1%

Governor Nikki Haley Job Approval
(11/9 – 11/12/15)


Senator Lindsey Graham Job Approval
(11/9 – 11/12/15)


Republican Voters Support Clean Energy Solutions

Compared to other issues Congress is currently addressing, including the economy, jobs and government spending, 80% of South Carolina Republican Primary voters think energy policy – specifically the exploration and development of renewable energy sources – should be a priority.

• 34% think energy policy should be a “very high” priority, and 46% believe this should be “somewhat high” of a priority.

A majority (52%) of Republican primary voters believe we are already feeling the effects of climate change or will at some point in their lifetime.

• In comparison, 38% do not think they will feel the effects of climate change in their lifetime. Seven percent (7%) are unsure.

Here is the full CRES polling memo for South Carolina.

(The data reflects survey results fielded on behalf of CRES in South Carolina from 11/9 – 11/12/15. This study was conducted among n=601 likely Republican Primary voters, and has a margin of error of + 4.0%. Interviews were fielded among 70% landline and 30% mobile phone respondents.)

“This survey analysis shows that Republican voters in South Carolina are not just ready for strong conservative leadership on renewable energy reform from their leaders, they expect it. Whether grounded in stewardship, economic opportunity, or national security, South Carolinians view clean energy solutions as a potent force for effective public policy that carries the potential to pay dividends for years to come,” pollster Ashlee Rich Stephenson said.

“South Carolina voters are clearly supportive of efforts to advance market-based approaches that bring newer, cleaner energy technologies to market that can grow our economy, make America energy independent, and help preserve clean air and water. Candidates would be well served by speaking out on climate change and making investments in renewable energy reform a central component of their national platforms,” CRES Executive Director James Dozier said.

“These results confirm that South Carolina Republicans strongly support clean energy solutions. The numbers also demonstrate growing momentum for a new generation of leadership towards energy independence and promoting renewable energy innovation.  It is encouraging that in this new south economy, South Carolina continues to lead the way,” said Matt Moore, Chairman of the SC Republican Party.

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization advocating for comprehensive and responsible solutions to our nation’s energy issues. The organization is comprised of citizens from around the country who believe it is time for politicians in Washington to stop arguing, and start working on ways to solve our nation’s energy crisis.

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