CRES Statement on GOP Senators’ Letter to Leader McConnell

Today Republican Senators Burr, Collins, Gardner, Graham, McSally, Murkowski and Tillis sent a leader to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, urging that policies to bolster jobs and innovation across the clean energy sector be considered as part of COVID-19 recovery and relief packages. CRES applauds this effort and issued the following statement of support.

“America deserves a jobs-forward COVID-19 relief package that helps our citizens get safely back to work and helps our economy get back on track. The clean energy sector is a win-win-win for Americacreating new job opportunities throughout the country, tapping domestic sources to meet our power demands, and reducing emissions for a cleaner planet. We are proud to stand with Senators Burr, Collins, Gardner, Graham, McSally, Murkowski and Tillis, who know that investing in clean energy innovation allows us to be good stewards of our environment for future generations while also providing exponentially beneficial returns to the American economy.” 

 —Heather Reams, Executive Director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions 

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