CRES Responds to Biden Administration’s Misguided Mineral Withdrawal

WASHINGTON, January 27, 2023 — Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) President Heather Reams released the following statement in response to the U.S. Department of the Interior withdrawing 225,504 acres in northern Minnesota from future mineral leasing:

“President Biden and his administration claim to acknowledge the critical importance of strengthening our domestic mineral supply chains, but their actions speak louder than words,” said CRES President Heather Reams. “This misguided action will not only decimate northern Minnesota’s economy and eliminate good-paying jobs supported by the mining industry, but it will increase the United States’ dependence on slave and child labor in countries around the world that do not prioritize environmental protections like we do. We need to mine in the U.S. – not undermine our energy and national security while increasing global emissions. The administration isn’t just stacking the deck against us; they’re taking America out of the game.”

The 20-year mineral withdrawal impacts the Duluth Complex, which is critical for our domestic mineral supplies, energy leadership, and America’s national security. The region contains 95% of the nation’s nickel reserves, 34% of the nation’s copper, 88% of the nation’s cobalt, 51% of the nation’s platinum, and 48% of the nation’s palladium.

In January 2022, Heather Reams participated in a House Committee on Natural Resources forum titled, “Minnesota Mining and American Potential: An Opportunity for a Brighter and More Secure Future,” which focused on the important role domestic mining plays in America’s energy future. Click here to read more about the forum in a CRES blog.


Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) engages Republican policymakers and the public about responsible, conservative solutions to address our nation’s energy, economic, and environmental security while increasing America’s competitive edge. For more information, visit

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