CRES Commends Senators for Introducing Trillion Trees and Natural Carbon Storage Act







Washington, DC – Today, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) applauded a bi-partisan group of senators for introducing the Trillion Trees and Natural Carbon Storage Act. The bill, championed by Senators Mike Braun (R-IN), Chris Coons (D-DE), Todd Young (R-IN) and Angus King (I-ME), seeks to establish domestic forestry policies that facilitate reforestation, conservation, international cooperation, and other ecologically sound management practices that reduce atmospheric carbon. The bill also supports efforts for the U.S. to partner with the international One Trillion Trees Initiative which encourages the sustainable management, restoration and conservation of forests and coastal habitats.

“This bill has garnered bipartisan support on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and across America,” said CRES Executive Director Heather Reams. “CRES commends Senators Braun, Coons, Young and King for championing this legislation in the Senate and for their work to bring forth commonsense solutions that will promote a cleaner nation and world for generations to come. By encouraging international cooperation to conserve our global resources, the Trillion Trees and Natural Carbon Storage Act asserts U.S. leadership in the fight to improve air quality and protect our forests and coastlines worldwide.”

In addition to supporting forest management, the Trillion Trees and Natural Carbon Storage Act provides incentives that help landowners practice sustainable forestry and reduce and sequester carbon emissions. Today’s Senate bill follows introduction of the Trillion Trees Act earlier this year in the House of Representatives led by Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-AR), the incoming Republican leader of the House Natural Resources Committee in the 117th Congress. The Trillion Trees Act was part of a GOP package of climate policies, which was unveiled in March by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). In October, President Trump signed an Executive Order creating the One Trillion Trees Interagency Council to coordinate federal activities in support of the initiative.

“It is encouraging to see this initiative get tremendous traction in both the executive and legislative branches. The strong bi-partisan support that Rep. Westerman’s Trillion Trees Act received and quick interest by the Senate to introduce a companion bill proves that thoughtful, natural carbon solutions can be widely embraced as a means to address our climate,” added Reams. “Reforestation and conservation are central to a clean environment and economic growth, and CRES looks forward to working with Congress to advance policies that will support these efforts.”



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