Letter: Tax bill also helping with energy bills

As originally published in the Daily Herald on February 5, 2018.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is beginning to pay off for Illinoisans not only in your paychecks, but on your monthly energy bills (“Why your ComEd bill might be going down,” Jan. 5).

Recently, the Illinois Commerce Commission approved ComEd’s petition seeking to pass along nearly $200 million in tax savings to customers in 2018. But that’s just one way tax cuts will help provide affordable, reliable energy.

Clean-energy businesses like wind and solar companies typically have high startup costs, so the full first-year expensing approved in the bill will be tremendously helpful to entrepreneurs. The overall reduced costs of doing business will also help these ventures succeed, and that will gradually improve energy efficiency, which will lower costs for consumers over time.

Heather Reams, Managing Director

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Washington, D.C.



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