Letter: Rep. Love champions clean energy solutions


By Heather Reams, as originally published in the Deseret News on October 20th, 2017

Utah is one of the country’s most beautiful states, blessed with many important natural resources, so it is not surprising that its leaders are often strong on environmental stewardship. Utah Congresswoman Mia Love has been recognized for as a Clean Energy Champion by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions due to her dedication to balancing the nation’s economic, energy, and environmental needs in Congress.

Love has quickly distinguished herself as one of the Republican Party’s leading voices on energy and the environment. She has co-sponsored several noteworthy bills: The Carbon Capture Improvement Act, which would allow businesses to use private activity bonds issued by local or state governments to finance carbon-capture projects; the Public Land Renewable Energy Development Act, bipartisan legislation that would expedite the permitting process for renewable energy development; and the reauthorization of advanced energy research that is supported by more than 40 top research universities, 25 scientific professional associations and countless business and industry organizations.

Perhaps most importantly, Love realizes that ingenuity and progress in clean energy make it possible to protect our environment by reducing emissions without sacrificing economic growth. We applaud Love for her role in moving clean energy forward.

Heather Reams, Managing Director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

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