Letter: We need clean energy

As originally published in the Union Leader on February 4, 2018.


To the Editor: Last month, a diverse coalition of over 50 New Hampshire businesses sent a letter to state legislators declaring their commitment to a set of “Clean Energy Principles.” It’s great to see such leadership in the private sector in the Granite State, and this is another strong signal that New Hampshire is positioning itself to become a leader in energy innovation and sustainability.

It is not surprising, however. Business owners understand that clean energy is as much about economics as social responsibility. Energy is a significant overhead expense for all businesses, so the fact that the current energy rates in New Hampshire are approximately 60 percent higher than the national average is certainly a factor in their dedication to the issue. Clean energy will drive economic growth through cost efficiencies and job creation.

Clean energy also benefits from excellent leadership in government. Gov. Chris Sununu has supported clean energy development by harnessing free-market ideas as part of his all-of-the-above approach to energy. He also recently created the Millennial Advisory Council in order to provide feedback and offer policy recommendations from the perspective of younger voters in your state, especially on issues dealing with energy and the environment.

Hopefully, legislators will follow the governor and the business community by supporting more investment in clean energy. My organization is excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual New Hampshire Energy Week in March, and I’m sure the Clean Energy Principles these businesses have highlighted will be front and center.


Managing Director

Citizens for Responsible Energy

Washington, D.C.



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