Letter: Thank You John Cornyn

As originally published in the El Paso Times on January 14, 2018


Texas has made great strides in clean energy.

As a conservative, I am pleased that both House and Senate Republicans came through on tax reform. As an advocate for clean energy, I appreciate U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s efforts in the conference committee to ensure tax reform will not be overly disruptive in the clean energy marketplace.

Texas has made great strides in clean energy industries, so it’s important to keep up that momentum. The Lone Star State ranks first in the nation in wind energy jobs, with just below 25,000 jobs, and second in energy efficiency, which employs nearly 150,000 workers.

While the tax reform bill isn’t perfect, those jobs should be safe. The final agreement minimizes the impact of the Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax, which could have irreparably harmed the tax equity financing businesses the clean energy sector relies upon. The bill also calls for ending the burdensome corporate Alternative Minimum Tax.

Unfortunately, Congress did not include a series of “orphaned tax credits” for renewable energy in the final bill – but we hope there will be future opportunities to do so. Cornyn understands that, and I am sure with his continued leadership, clean energy will have a bright future in Texas.

Heather Reams

Washington, D.C.

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