Letter: Fighting For Clean Energy

As originally published in the Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan on January 21, 2018.


Clean energy industries employ more than 7,000 workers in South Dakota, and the state’s energy portfolio continues to diversify. It is important that policymakers continue to support renewable resources like wind, solar, and hydropower, as well as new energy-efficient technologies. As a member of the conference committee on tax reform, Sen. John Thune did just that.

The tax reform bills passed in the U.S. House and Senate included game-changing policies like converting to a territorial tax system and allowing 100 percent expensing for businesses. The final bill also included the Senate’s Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT), but adjusted it to prevent the loss of a number of tax credits important to clean energy industries.

However, several “orphaned” tax credits important to clean energy were left out of the final agreement. These credits should be restored through a different legislative vehicle in the next session.

Sen. Thune knows that clean energy is key to South Dakota’s future; we are very appreciative of his support and look forward to working with him in 2018.

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