Senator Hoeven calls for bipartisan action on energy policy

Last week, Senator Hoeven (R-ND) went to the floor to call for a bipartisan approach to U.S. energy policy that also includes environmental safeguards.

“It is not just about energy. It is about better environmental stewardship because we unleash the very investment that drives and deploys the new technology that produces more energy and does so with a better environmental stewardship.”

Recent polling commissioned by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions shows that voters agree with Senator Hoeven. 76% of registered voters believe that energy policy should be either a very high or somewhat high priority. And when it comes to common-sense solutions to secure America’s energy future, renewables have strong appeal. 60% of registered voters believe there should be more emphasis on “diversifying our energy sources to include renewable resources of energy like wind, solar and hydropower.”

Read more about the Senator’s call to action here

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