GOP Leaders Respond to National Climate Assessment

In response to the recently released National Climate Assessment, two prominent Republicans have shared their opinions on free market approaches to energy and climate.

Jon Huntsman, former Republican Governor of Utah, has written about why Republicans should focus on the solutions that will preserve the climate and promote innovation: “What we need to do now is what we have always done well: combine our ingenuity and market forces”. Read his op-ed here:

And Former Reagan EPA Administrator Lee Thomas writes about how climate change is affecting his home state of Florida: “It’s time to follow the facts and take a sensible approach to address this urgent problem.”

Our polling has showed that this is an issue the public want to see addressed, with 76% of Republicans saying that we should take action on climate change to promote better health with reduced air pollution and clean water.

As Governor Huntsman said, “it’s a  problem we – as solution-seeking Republicans – have the opportunity to solve.”

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