Senator Ayotte and Representative Gibson Headline CRES Forum

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) was joined today by Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Representative Chris Gibson (R-NY) for an energy innovation forum titled “Waking Up to America’s Future”, a conversation about free market energy solutions and the policy outlook for the 114th Congress. Sen. Ayotte and Rep. Gibson have shown true leadership putting forward common sense energy solutions that will grow our economy while also preserving our environment for future generations.

The event was co-hosted by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, Concord 51 and the Conservation Leadership Council, and included a panel of conservative thought leaders and industry experts.

CRES Executive Director James Dozier opened the event, welcoming the distinguished speakers, and noting that, “It is an exciting time in Washington to be engaging in this work – because the recent elections have created an opportunity – and I would say a responsibility – for robust conservative leadership on the future of American energy and environmental policy. And, we are lucky to have allies like Senator Ayotte and Representative Gibson in the Congress to help us advance these meaningful conservative solutions.”

Senator Ayotte spoke about energy diversity and innovation, and the importance of smart conservative solutions to these issues. She said on these important issues, “It is not mutually exclusive to say that we can use the best technology and develop the best technology available, to have energy security, energy independence for this country, and responsibly develop energy while also protecting the environment.”

The Senator later added, “We’re missing an opportunity as we think about long term energy policy for this country, that will help our economy, that will protect our security, that will protect our environment. And, that’s only going to happen if all the stakeholders come together and we actually are willing to take these issues up in Congress – not just “we disapprove of this” – what’s your alternative? What is your alternative that is going to make a difference, that is going to ensure that we can impose market-based solutions, where we have everyone together, and all the stakeholders together. That’s when we will make a difference, and that is where this discussion has to go. If we continue the either/or discussion, we are not doing what we should do for the United States of America, and the opportunities we have in this great country.”

Representative Gibson spoke on a range of topics, including the need for common-sense conservative policies to reduce emissions, and the need to find ways to work across the aisle on an issue that is important to both parties – preserving the country for future generations. As the congressman said, “This work that we do together to lower energy costs while preserving our environment, I think is essentially an American problem. It’s not a partisan issue, it’s not a Republican, it’s not a Democrat issue, it’s one for all of us to tackle. I truly believe by working together we can absolutely make progress on that.”

Videos of Senator Ayotte and Representative Gibson will be available soon on our website, so if you missed the event you’ll be able to catch up on this engaging and deeply relevant conversation online.

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