RealClearEnergy: Biden’s Clean Power Plan 2.0 Threatens U.S. Energy Reliability and Innovation 

The House Committee on Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Minerals recently hosted a hearing titled, “Clean Power Plan 2.0: EPA’s Latest Attack on America’s Electric Reliability,” to examine recently proposed rules by the Biden Administration to mandate that natural gas and coal-powered power plants utilize carbon capture technologies or shut down.  

Members outlined their concerns with the plan, including the fact that unrealistic mandates on energy producers will actually harm our ability to develop the very technologies we need to continue reducing emissions. CRES President Heather Reams penned an op-ed in RealClearEnergy to further highlight how the proposal could impede American innovation and slow the progress the United States has made toward a low-carbon future.  

Reams writes, “Rather than imposing the Clean Power Plan 2.0’s unrealistic timeframes on energy producers, CRES urges the Biden Administration to focus on a commonsense approach to energy strategy: working with our natural gas producers to provide affordable and clean baseload energy to families and businesses across the country; speeding up permitting of clean energy projects and transmissions capabilities to strengthen our electric grid; and empowering Americans to develop the next generation of clean energy technologies—hydrogen, carbon capture, nuclear power—that will continue to lower emissions for U.S. power generation and manufacturing.”  

Read the full op-ed here

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