REPAIR Act Clears Legal Roadblocks for Critical Clean Energy and Infrastructure Projects

Time and time again we’ve seen new clean energy projects thwarted by serial litigation. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) therefore applauds 2023 Clean Energy Champion Senator Bill Cassidy for leading the introduction of the Revising and Enhancing Project Authorizations Impacted by Review (REPAIR) Act, which streamlines the permitting process for U.S. energy, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure projects.

“While the Fiscal Responsibility Act provided much-needed updates to our onerous permitting process, frivolous litigation halting energy projects remains a roadblock to unleashing the clean energy economy,” said CRES President Heather Reams. “Thank you to Senator Cassidy and his Republican co-leads for introducing the REPAIR Act, which strikes the right balance and limits judicial review to only those that actually have a case – not extreme activist organizations just looking to stop progress.

Reams concluded, “Whether it be hydrogen, natural gas, wind, solar, or other infrastructure projects, we need to close loopholes that allow for obstructive serial litigation. The REPAIR act does just that, and CRES is proud to endorse this crucial legislation.”

Serial litigants and environmental extremists have a history of blocking clean energy projects and discouraging new ventures and innovation. Many of these lawsuits take advantage of the ability to challenge projects under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), creating delay and uncertainty.

“There’s no point really going forward with permitting reform if we don’t deal with a lot of these lawsuits where the litigants really do not have standing,” said CRES VP of Policy and Research Richard Campbell at POLITICO’s Grid Reliability event.

To unlock the full potential of American leadership in clean energy and emissions reductions, it’s critical we address our antiquated permitting process and the threat of groundless litigation from extreme environmentalist groups. To learn more about the need for permitting modernization and reform, check out CRES Forum’s white paper HERE.

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