Holding China Accountable through the NO GOTION Act 

Reps. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.) and John Moolenaar (R-Mich.) are strengthening America’s national security and economic interests through their recently introduced No Official Giveaways of Taxpayers’ Income to Oppressive Nations (NO GOTION) Act. This legislation prohibits companies affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and other foreign adversaries from benefiting from tax credits included in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

“CRES supports commonsense policies like the No Official Giveaways of Taxpayers’ Income to Oppressive Nations (NO GOTION) Act, which would prohibit bad actors like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and any affiliated companies from accessing U.S. clean energy incentives reserved for American companies,” said Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) President Heather Reams. “We applaud Representatives Moolenaar, LaHood and their colleagues for this effort, and we look forward to working with them to promote our national security, economic competitiveness, and responsible spending of taxpayer dollars.”

The bill’s name comes from Gotion Inc., a subsidiary of the CCP-affiliated Gotion High-Tech, which has plans to construct battery factories in Illinois and Michigan. Currently, Gotion Inc., would likely qualify for the tax credits provided by the IRA – funneling federal taxpayer dollars to a CCP-backed company and creating a gross disadvantage for American businesses and manufacturers.

The U.S. must prioritize policies that rewards domestic manufacturing and reinforces the competitiveness of American producers, who already face unfair competition due to China’s trade practices. The NO GOTION Act will achieve this and stops taxpayer money from falling into the hands of those who do not hold our best interests.

To read more, check out CRES Forum’s recent white paper combatting Chinese supply chain dominance and neo-colonialism.

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