CRESponsible Leader: Rep. Buddy Carter

In today’s political landscape, it’s essential to recognize the efforts of Republicans who are working towards a cleaner future. For this reason, each month we’re highlighting Republican lawmakers who are working to advance clean energy solutions and leave our planet better than they found it. U.S. Representative Buddy Carter (R-Ga.) has done just that.  

Rep. Carter was recently named Chairman of the Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Minerals Subcommittee of the prestigious House Energy & Commerce Committee (E&C), which works to provide affordable, reliable, and clean energy to families and businesses across the United States. Additionally, he was named Vice Chair of the Conservative Climate Caucus – a growing group of more than 80 Republicans in Congress working to educate fellow lawmakers and the public about commonsense, free-market climate solutions. 

In a recent letter to the editor, Georgia businessman Pritpal Singh praised Rep. Carter saying, “His all-of-the-above energy mindset is crucial when it comes to creating cleaner energy and combating climate change, and I appreciate his work to ensure Georgians have access to reliable, affordable and cleaner American-made energy to power their homes and businesses.”  

The Congressman brought this leadership to the global stage by attending the UN climate change conference (COP28) in Dubai, UAE, in December 2023, where he participated in a panel discussion with CRES President Heather Reams on U.S. clean energy leadership. Rep. Carter emphasized the need for conservatives to be at the decision-making table to address global challenges and expressed his desire to attend again in 2024. In an interview with the Politico Energy Podcast, Rep. Carter said, “What I took from going away to COP is that’s where we need to be as conservatives. I think there were some wins there.”

In January, Rep. Carter sat down in an interview with Fox News Digital, where he discussed the need for an all-of-the-above energy approach. Rep. Carter said, “I believe in an all-of-the-above type energy strategy. Listen, I wish we could go to total solar and total wind and be done with it. But we can’t, and it’s naive of anyone to think that we can. But if we take an all-of-the-above type energy strategy, then I think we can achieve what everyone wants to achieve.”  

In his new leadership positions, Rep. Carter is further empowered to ensure Georgia’s energy, environment and manufacturing priorities are heard in Washington, D.C. and around the world. CRES looks forward to continuing to work with him, E&C Republicans and the Conservative Climate Caucus to ensure the United States follows Georgia’s example and remains a global leader in emissions reduction. 

To read more about Rep. Carter’s work in the conservative climate space, read this op-ed penned by CRES President Heather Reams in the Savannah Morning News.  

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