CRES in Milwaukee: The First Republican Debate  

CRES President Heather Reams traveled to Milwaukee, WI, to attend the first 2024 Republican presidential debate. In anticipation, she released the following statement:  

“Nationwide CRES Forum polling shows Republican voters overwhelmingly support an all-of-the-above energy approach to strengthen American energy security and address climate change. 

“When appealing to voters, especially young Republicans, it is critical 2024 GOP candidates elevate commonsense solutions for more affordable, reliable, and clean energy. CRES has worked for ten years to engage Republicans in the clean energy and climate conversation, and I am proud several of the candidates have voiced support for carbon capture, advanced nuclear, and other clean energy technologies.  

“Increased American energy production is essential to our national security, our economy, and our role as a world leader in emissions reduction; and I look forward to hearing the ideas the candidates bring to the table at the first Republican presidential debate.” 

As a board member of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) Heather will participate in ACC’s afterparty to celebrate conservative support for clean, commonsense energy solutions. 

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