CRES Business Spotlight: ReVision Energy


CRES will be contacting renewable energy businesses throughout the New England region to ask questions about clean energy technology. We intend to shed light on the clean energy leaders within the region and promote the expansion of clean energy technology across the nation.

ReVision Enegy

Phil Coupe, Co-Founder

Located: Maine, New Hampshire


 1) What is the name of your business and what do you do?

ReVision Energy and we are leading the clean energy transition in northern New England by providing clients with best-in-class system design, installation and service. We are also a certified B Corp, committed to creating maximum positive impact in the world rather than the traditional business approach of creating maximum shareholder returns.

2) How has New England and/or the United States’ emerging clean energy industry affected your business?

Since 2003 we have grown from 2 guys in a garage in Liberty, ME to 170 employees in 5 locations in ME, NH and MA. The emerging clean energy industry has provided us a vehicle to create good-paying jobs, to increase regional energy independence and security and to increase our region’s long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

3) Has your business undergone any efficiency measures/ what has your business done or plans to do in order to reduce energy costs?

We are using solar electricity combined with heat pumps, electric vehicle charging stations and battery storage to drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon pollution.

4) What role has state or federal incentives played in helping to spur growth in your business?

The 30% investment tax credit has been a tremendous benefit to our business growth. Ditto for state incentives in NH and MA. Unfortunately, Maine has not had a state incentive for 6 years now.

5) What do you see as the future of clean technology?

The 100% clean energy transition enabled by integrating solar + wind + storage + electric vehicles + heat pumps.

6) Why do you think it is important for elected officials and other business to learn more about your field?

Because most people are unaware that affordable, reliable clean energy technology is here today and people are successfully using the technology to drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


Click here to check out the ReVision Energy website. Look out for some events they may be holding near you!

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