CRES Statement on the House Democratic Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Staff Report

“The House Democratic Select Committee on the Climate Crisis report includes a number of policy proposals worth considering. The national goal for net-zero emissions by 2050 is laudable and consistent with many of the voluntary targets set by companies large and small across the United States, and with our recommendations to the Select Committee. We particularly applaud those proposals that  reflect America’s core values of innovation, accountability, and opportunity. We’ve long advocated for doubling down on successful U.S. Department of Energy innovation programs, for holding trade partners accountable for their emissions, and for developing a robust clean energy job sector in America, including expanding domestic manufacturing of clean energy and zero-emission technologies.

“However, the process undertaken by Democratic leadership in putting out this report sacrificed actionable solutions for partisan politics.

“As originally planned, a markup of this report by Republicans and Democrats would have given the American people clear insight into a collaborative, debatable approach to address climate change during politically charged and uncertain times. Our country needs clean energy solutions now, but this report reads like politics as usual.

“Unfortunately,  the 718 distinct policy proposals spread across 547 pages read like a partisan desk exercise. Realistic, commonsense climate action must build off traditional federal and state roles in the energy sector to set priorities, strengthen price signals for markets and reduce costs.

“We know that solutions are within reach as Republican voters support sensible climate action. Recent CRES polling data shows that over two-thirds of Republicans support federal action to accelerate clean energy. We are disappointed that Democrats missed a real opportunity to build targeted, actionable bipartisan policy recommendations through an open and transparent mark-up process. Once again, the can is kicked down the road,” – Heather Reams, Executive Director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions.

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