Congressman Don Bacon of Nebraska Supportive of Energy Innovation in His State

The energy sector in Nebraska is benefitting from unprecedented innovation, and Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) has played a significant role in that trend as a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus. CRES was pleased to formally indorse Rep. Bacon for next week’s election.

Nebraska’s energy economy is changing to support the production of more diversified offerings, for both in-state consumers and national energy customers. Renewables currently make up 18 percent of Nebraska’s total energy consumption, and of that 18 percent, over 12 percent comes from biofuels.

The most used biofuel in Nebraska is ethanol, and Nebraska’s ethanol industry is taking steps to ensure that their production processes run off of sustainable energy. About 27 percent of Nebraska’s ethanol is consumed by California, and in accordance with California’s clean energy standards, Nebraska has begun to use wind turbines to power ethanol production.

Using wind turbines to power the production of Nebraska’s most popular biofuel is a great way to make ethanol a viable option while beefing up the state’s wind power infrastructure. With the right leadership in Congress, this approach will have an impact. Rep. Bacon, for one, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to Nebraska’s ongoing efforts in the renewables sector.

Rep. Don Bacon with Brigadier General James Cluff


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