CRES Statement on the American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan

At a Senate press conference today, Senators Dan Sullivan, Kevin Cramer and Cynthia Lummis, joined by Senators Ted Cruz, John Kennedy, and Rob Portman, introduced the American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan, a Republican-led initiative to protect America’s future by lowering global emissions while bolstering the U.S. economy.

CRES Executive Director Heather Reams issued the following statement in praise of the announcement:

“The American Energy, Jobs, and Climate plan is yet another example of Republican climate leadership. It takes a bold step to address climate change to include a goal to reduce global emissions by 40 percent from today’s levels by 2050.  We know that meaningful emissions reductions can only happen when a nation is economically secure and its citizens are productive, with abundant opportunity for all. The plan provides insight into how conservatives would drive down energy costs, lower global emissions, and pave the way for a rapid acceleration of innovation necessary to reduce the risk of climate change for the long term.

“It calls for commonsense reforms to regulatory obstacles such as construction permitting that have for too long stymied our ability to replace old, polluting public works with modern and energy efficient alternatives. It would also reduce the United States’ trade deficit by encouraging the exportation of cleaner products manufactured by Americans and by unleashing free, competitive market forces to drive down the cost and increase adoption of clean energy. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions praises Senators Dan Sullivan, Kevin Cramer and Cynthia Lummis for a strong vision that would export America’s innovations—not our jobs—and in turn, reduce global emissions.”

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