Washington Examiner: Seismic: 51% GOP believes climate change, candidates scramble to finesse issue

Today the Washington Examiner published a story about the climate change conversation taking place within the Republican Party.

“Breaking from party orthodoxy, a majority of Republican voters now accept climate change, sparking a drive inside the GOP to find a middle ground to help candidates finesse the issue without sounding out of touch or in the tank for President Obama and Al Gore.

“There is a middle way where we can talk about this,” said GOP pollster Alex Lundry of TargetPoint Consulting. “Republicans are a lot more open to this than you might think.”

He recently completed a poll on energy issues for Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions that found 51 percent of Republicans believe climate change is happening, will happen shortly or will occur in their lifetime. Just 24 percent deny it. The shift is particularly pronounced among younger party members.”

The article goes on to say:

“While both sides tend to demagogue the issue, Lundry said that Republican voters now believe that “you can be pro-limited government and pro-environment at the same time. They do not see that as a contradiction in terms.””

Click here to read the full article and see more of TargetPoint Consulting’s polling results.

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