Senator Rob Portman Speaks on Energy Innovation

Last week, Senator Rob Portman (R-SC) spoke at “Waking Up to America’s Energy Future”, a conversation about free market energy solutions for the 21st century. The event was co-hosted by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, Concord 51 and the Conservation Leadership Council.

Senator Portman spoke about energy diversity and innovation, and the importance of smart conservative solutions to these issues. He said on these important issues:

“I will say to my Republican brethren, we’ve got to step out, we’ve got to be out front on this issue. And if we do, and if we lead, based on the polling I’ve seen … the American people will not just follow, but the American people will follow enthusiastically. Because they want economic opportunity and jobs, and they believe it’s consistent with having a cleaner environment and better energy independence in this country to be able to meet the promise of the American dream and what they try to pass along to their kids and grandkids. This can and should be done.”

See Senator Portman’s full speech here.

The event also served as the launch of Concord 51’s policy paper, developed with the assistance of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative and the Conservation Leadership Council. The paper is available here.

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