Senator Portman Joins CRES for Energy Innovation Forum

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) will be the keynote speaker at “Waking Up to America’s Future”, a conversation about free market energy solutions for the 21st century. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is co-hosting the event, taking place next Tuesday, June 17th, along with Concord 51 and the Conservation Leadership Council.

“We are honored to have Senator Portman join us for an important conversation about energy innovation and the impact diverse energy sources have on our economic, national and environmental security,” said James Dozier, Executive Director of CRES.

“Senator Portman has been a leader in promoting responsible energy policies, driving efforts to ensure our country uses our abundant energy resources in an efficient way. The Senator understands a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages innovation in new energy technologies and common-sense efficiency efforts will create high-paying American jobs, grow our economy, and preserve our climate.”

Recent polling conducted by TargetPoint Consulting on behalf of CRES shows that this is an issue the American people care about. 83% of voters – including 82% of Republicans – believe that energy policy, specifically the exploration and development of both traditional and renewable energy sources, should be a high priority for congress. Moreover, 83% of voters agree that “our nation’s energy policy should provide incentives to clean energy sources like nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar and hydro.”

To learn more about this exciting event click here.

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