Senator Dean Heller Promotes Nevada’s Clean Energy Industry

In Washington, D.C., Senator Heller had been promoting Nevada’s leadership on clean renewable energy.  He understands the important role these energy sources play in creating high paying jobs and the model Nevada can be to other states.

Recently, he highlighted Nevada’s role as a regional leader when asked about proposed federal rules for cleaner power plants, suggesting that his state may benefit from the rules due to its capacity for renewable energy generation.”We have more geothermal sites in the state of Nevada than the rest of the country combined, […] Maybe this will be an opportunity to push it even further…”.

And Senator Heller told Politico renewable energy was “absolutely” a key reason for his recent vote to confirm the chair of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: “In fact, that’s what that was all about.”

Senator Heller recognizes that supporting clean energy in Nevada is not just good for the environment, it’s good for the economy as well. And he’s taken a pragmatic, bipartisan approach to supporting the state’s renewable energy sector. On working with his Nevadan Democratic Senate colleague on renewable energy, Sen. Heller said: “Philosophically, we have some separations and that’s fine, and I think it’s even healthy for the state of Nevada. But we do come together on certain issues and this is one of them.”

Read Senator Heller’s comments here.

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