Senate Races to Watch on Election Night

This year, CRES has been proud to support Republican Senators with a proven record of standing up for policies that preserve the environment while creating jobs and growing the economy. As election day approaches, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the ways these Senators are leading on energy and environment issues.

In Maine, Senator Susan Collins is running strong for reelection in this swing state. Senator Collins has been one of the Senate’s strongest champions for commonsense energy solutions that help Americans consume less, produce more, and explore alternative energy sources. Learn more about Senator Collins’s leadership on these issues, here.

Earlier this year Senator Lindsey Graham handily won a hard fought Republican primary in South Carolina, and now faces a Democratic challenger as he seeks another term in the Senate. Senator Graham has been one of the most vocal advocates for reducing our dependence on foreign oil and strengthening our national security through energy independence. Learn more about Senator Graham and CRES’ support of his reelection, here.

Senator Lamar Alexander is facing a Democratic challenger after emerging victorious from a competitive primary election in Tennessee. Senator Alexander has shown real vision in advocating for energy innovation and investments that will create high paying clean energy jobs and lead America towards an energy secure future. Learn more about CRES’ support of the Senator, here.

These Senators have shown that Republicans can be leaders on commonsense energy solutions that not only preserve the environment but strengthen the economy.

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