Sen. Murkowski leads on energy solutions amid government shutdown

U.S. Sen. Murkowski (R-AK) is leading on comprehensive energy solutions for American energy diversity. She understands that the voters expect members of Congress to work together to tackle the big challenges. Watch her video below and sign here to thank the Senator for her leadership, or send Sen. Murkowski a thank-you tweet: click here.

“We’re just kind of quietly doing our work here. And I think with the frustration that the public feels right now about what is happening in the Congress, or perhaps the lack of anything in the Congress right now, as they see their government shutting down, I think it’s important to know that on this first morning of a government shutdown, we are talking about how we, as a nation, move forward towards energy independence, North American energy independence, energy security, working to make sure that we’ve got environmental frameworks in place, safety frameworks in place, and I just appreciate the fact that we’re continuing to do what I think people sent us to do, which is get to work.”

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