On Friday May 15, Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) took time to tour a Concord architectural and engineering firm H.L. Turner Group Inc. to emphasize the importance of sustainable building practices and an “all of the above” approach to energy policy.

“From a New England point of view, not just a New Hampshire point of view, saving is just as important as new generation,” Graham said, “The more you can save and the more efficient you can be in powering homes and office buildings, the less generation you have to develop. And generation costs are pretty expensive.”

Republican Primary voters largely seem to share Graham’s opinion. In a recent poll conducted by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, 59% of New Hampshire Republican voters and 60% of South Carolina Republican voters believed that the U.S. should put more emphasis on diversifying our energy sources to include renewable energy like wind, solar, and hydro-power. When asked if they favored or opposed the Federal government taking steps to reduce emissions of gasses like CO2, 57% of voters surveyed in New Hampshire and 48% of South Carolina voters favored federal action.

Graham, a likely candidate in the Republican primary, has a history of supporting common sense clean, independent energy solutions and stewardship of the environment. The Senator has been a conservative leader who maintains the principles of free enterprise while seeking solutions to preserve our climate for future generations.

“You can talk about Washington and how you’d fix it. I’ve been there, and I’d put my record of trying to solve problems against anybody in D.C.,” Graham said. “I know most everybody up there, and Democrats, I think, would be willing to work with me on things we have in common in terms of the nation, and I think I could lead my Republican party to good solutions where conservatives would be able to move the ball forward – getting most of what you want, but you’ll never get all of what you want, whether it be immigration, whether it be energy, [or] climate.”

We look forward to hearing more from Senator Graham and the rest of the Republican Presidential field on support for clean technologies and safe environmental stewardship over the course of the 2016 campaign.

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