Sandoval Secures Renewable Energy Future For Nevada

Nevada has made great strides to invest in renewable energy, thanks largely in part to Governor Brian Sandoval’s decisive action on commonsense, clean energy reforms that place the needs of Nevadans before partisanship.

In February, CRES recognized Governor Sandoval for leading the way on forming the “Governor’s Accord for a New Energy Future” to promote clean energy reform to revitalize our country’s electrical grid with a bipartisan group of 17 governors.

This wasn’t the first time Sandoval took action to advance commonsense clean energy solutions. In fact, he signed an executive order that reactivated a task force to help promote and distribute renewable energy resources, advocate for the development and integration of clean energy sources into Nevada’s energy sector, and build modern and cost-effective infrastructure.

Sandoval’s leadership has been vital to the success of Tesla Motor’s $5 billion Gigafactory near Reno, which is currently on track to open years ahead of schedule. Designed to meet the demand for lithium-ion storage units, the Gigafactory is expected to help bring crucial forms of storage technology to homes and businesses, both within Nevada and across the United States. This effort has already created hundreds of local jobs, and Tesla expects to bring in over 6,500 on site jobs in just the next four years.

Following Governor Sandoval’s press conference to announce the Gigafactory, CRES commended his ability to put politics aside to bring clean technology jobs and energy innovation to Nevada, and highlighted a quote from his remarks in which he stated, “These 21st century pioneers, fueled with innovation and desire, are emboldened by the promise of Nevada to change the world. Nevada is ready to lead.”

Governor Sandoval has proven to be a leader who is committed to promoting bipartisan clean energy solutions that are beneficial to Nevadan consumers and businesses. Thanks to him Nevada is taking steps to develop innovative renewable energy technology that can create local jobs, modernize our nation’s energy infrastructure, and protect the environment for years to come.

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