Romney, almost a senator, has talked of ‘climate realities’

As published in E&E News on October 3, 2018

Even if Democrats retake the House, the left still must contend with Senate Republicans, no matter which party controls the upper chamber.

Plus, anything that comes out of Congress will have to earn the support of a skeptical President Trump. That scenario all but demands some level of bipartisanship.

That dynamic, coupled with Romney’s political history, has turned the 71-year-old into one of the biggest climate wild cards going into the next Congress.

“Gov. Romney has an interesting record of support and acknowledgement” of the need to address climate change, said James Dozier, executive director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, a Republican-aligned group that promotes clean energy.

He expects Romney to be pursued by lawmakers and activists who hope to advance climate or energy legislation in the near term.

“He should be a prime target for outreach,” Dozier said.

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