Representatives Gibson, Herrera Beutler and LoBiondo vote to preserve our climate

Last week, Representatives Chris Gibson (R-NY), Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) and Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) joined in a bipartisan vote to preserve our climate for future generations.

“Representatives Gibson, Herrera Beutler and LoBiondo recognize that clean and reliable energy is important to our economic, environmental and national security. We thank them for their leadership in the House of Representatives on this important issue,” said James Dozier, Executive Director of Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES).

Recent polling commissioned by CRES shows that the energy debate still matters. 76% of voters believe that energy policy should be either a very high or somewhat high priority. And when it comes to common-sense solutions to secure America’s energy future, renewables have strong appeal. 60% of registered voters believe there should be more emphasis on “diversifying our energy sources to include renewable resources of energy like wind, solar and hydropower.”

Voters believe that in order to develop cheaper and cleaner energy, government should focus on incentives and research to spur development, while adapting existing regulations to reduce burdens on the private sector – so that renewable energy companies can compete in a free market economy, bringing new technologies to market without interference from the government.

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