Representative Tom Reed introduces the Roofing Efficiency Jobs Act

Last week, Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) co-sponsored a bipartisan bill aimed at improving energy efficiency that will create around 40,000 manufacturing and construction jobs. This bill will save small businesses and consumers millions of dollars each year on their energy bills. By reforming the current depreciation period on energy efficient roofs, The Roofing Efficiency Jobs Act of 2014 makes new energy efficient roofs more accessible, creating jobs and helping Americans save money.

“This is a jobs bill that has the added benefit of saving millions in energy costs with energy-efficient roofing systems,” said Rep. Reed. “The bill fairly puts the depreciation period of a commercial roof in line with its actual lifespan, a common sense reform to our tax code that results in a win for manufacturing and construction jobs and a win for small businesses working to improve their energy efficiency and lower their energy costs.”

To read more about this legislation, visit Rep. Reed’s website, here.

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