Alex Lundry Op-ed: Republicans Can Change The Debate On Climate Change

Today, the Daily Caller published an op-ed from Republican pollster Alex Lundry discussing the political implications of climate change on Republicans. Lundry cited recent polling from Citizens for Responsible Energy solutions to highlight the smart messages Republicans should implement when discussing their positions on clean energy and the environment. From Lundry’s op-ed:

“The polling I’ve conducted has convinced me of the necessity for Republicans to address these real concerns about climate change in ways that reflect our principles and priorities and satisfy public demand for practical solutions. There is a free-market approach to addressing climate change, one that encourages incentives and research to spur energy development and economic growth, and Republicans need to promote it vigorously.”

Lundry went on to say:

“Like its impact on the environment, the political implications of the climate change debate are real, and aren’t going away without addressing them substantively. It’s in the nation’s best interests as well as the best interests of Republican candidates to propose practical policies to reduce climate change. Taking leadership of policies that protect the economic, security, environment and health interests of the American people, rather than just opposing the wrong policies, is central to our appeal as practical problem solvers and as patriots who believe that what’s good for our country is always good for Republicans.”

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