One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Can you spot the interloper? Life on the FITN campaign trail sometimes has a lighter side to go with the seriousness of the task at hand.


One candidate more, and I can close this chapter of my 2016 New Hampshire Primary book. Almost 2,000 miles later I have asked every serious candidate for the Republican presidential nomination a serious question. They have answered.

“As president how would you address our energy, economic, and climate security.”

It is a short but complex question that was dealt with as such by all comers. The good folks at Citizens for Responsible Solutions (CRES) have put together most of the Q & A’s on one page here. They are all thoughtful and have been noted by the host of the show Josh McElveen to have increased in robustness over time.

Next week marks what I believe to be the last taping of the 2016 FITN presidential primary of WMUR’s “Conversation With The Candidate”.

It is an early wake up call to be in the green room for New Jersey’s Gov. Christie’s turn by 8 a.m. in WMUR’s studios in Manchester NH.

It will be a bittersweet hour long drive from Dover. Although I am grateful for the opportunity the folks there have offered me, and proud to have kept a promise to myself, I am sad as it will not be until the 2020 elections I will have that much fun in one place again.

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