Letter to the Editor: McMaster Clean Energy Champion

As originally published in The Times & Democrat

November 8, 2019

McMaster Clean Energy Champion

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions has recognized Gov. Henry McMaster for his strong and sensible leadership on energy issues. Providing responsible clean-energy solutions for the generations and jobs of tomorrow is what made him one of that organization’s 2019 Clean Energy Champions.

Clean energy, particularly solar energy, has been booming in South Carolina. That has been due in no small part to Gov. McMaster. A champion for energy solutions that lean into the future of a green economy, he has signed into law the Energy Freedom Act, expanding the market for rooftop solar energy production.

The measure, among other things, lifts the cap on rooftop solar, a move that not only aims to increase green energy solutions in South Carolina but also provides thousands of new jobs in a rapidly expanding industry. This is just the sort of common-sense leadership the energy debate requires. Rather than turning full control over to the government to regulate the energy industry into oblivion, Gov. McMaster and his colleagues in South Carolina have found reasonable and realistic solutions that both advance clean energy initiatives while not ignoring the reality of a power grid that very much still relies on traditional energy.

I congratulate Gov. McMaster for his distinction as a Clean Energy Champion and encourage him to look for more ways to harness clean energy resources in South Carolina further.

Giff Carpenter, executive director, Conservatives for Clean Energy South Carolina

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