Heck Powers Renewable Energy Development for Nevada

In order to maintain our economic and national security, it’s critical for elected officials in Carson City and Washington, D.C. to maximize all of our energy resources, including renewables. Dr. Joe Heck has made the promotion of commonsense clean energy solutions a hallmark of his time in Congress.

The first piece of legislation that Heck introduced in Congress was the Hoover Power Allocation Act. This bipartisan bill advanced access to hydroelectric power from the Hoover Dam, a critical source of clean, affordable energy for Southern Nevada’s economy, businesses, and consumers.

As a lead cosponsor of the Public Lands Renewable Energy Act of 2015, Heck fought to ensure renewable energy production, lower energy costs, and job growth for Nevadans. This bipartisan legislation was created to streamline the permitting process that allows for accelerated development of renewable energy projects across federal lands and waters, establish a revenue sharing mechanism for a fair return for state and local governments, and boost Nevada’s solar and geothermal development.

“Nevada is poised to be a world leader in renewable energy development,” said Congressman Heck. “And with more than 80% of our land owned by the federal government, Nevada has ample opportunities to develop renewable energy projects, especially projects utilizing solar and geothermal technology. That is why this bill is so important; it streamlines the permitting process for renewable energy projects and ensures that revenue generated for the federal government stays in Nevada. Public lands should benefit the public and this bill helps move us in that direction.”

In 2015, Heck helped to spearhead creation of the House Energy, Innovation and Environmental Working Group with eleven of his colleagues. The formation of the working group further demonstrated Dr. Heck’s dedication to bringing clean energy technologies to market that help grow the economy, strengthen our national security, and preserve our environment.

Dr. Heck, having served in the armed forces and a deployment in Iraq, was first elected to the House in 2010, won reelection in 2012 and 2014, and is currently running for the seat being vacated by retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Thanks to his leadership on renewable energy reforms, Nevada is making great strides to grow local jobs and secure a clean energy future for generations to come.

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