Daily on Energy: Low energy pandemic relief, Chevron’s big deal, and DOE’s hydrogen push

Originally posted by The Washington Examiner

CONSERVATIVE GROUPS TO LOBBY CONGRESS ON CLEAN ENERGY THIS WEEK: Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum and the Conservative Energy Network are holding a three-day virtual “fly-in” beginning Monday encouraging Republicans in Congress to invest in clean energy as part of economic recovery efforts.

The groups have organized more than 90 business leaders, farmers, state officials and others from around the country to participate in 70 meetings with GOP lawmakers.

“Conservatives recognize the value of clean energy to the economy, national security and public health, and as part of an all-of-the-above energy mix,” said Heather Reams, executive director of CRES Forum.

CRES also sent a letter last week to Republican leaders asking them to prioritize passing the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act, a highway bill that spends on EV charging stations, and the Lisa Murkowski/Joe Manchin-led American Energy Innovation Act this Congress.”

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