CRES Submits Testimony for Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Infrastructure Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This morning, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Managing Director Heather Reams released the following statement after submitting written testimony to the Senate Committee on Energy Natural Resources for today’s Energy Infrastructure Oversight Hearing. The full testimony is found here.

“Today’s hearing underscores the critical role that energy infrastructure plays in ensuring innovative technologies have open access to the market. Americans are looking for leaders who are dedicated to supporting federal policies that contribute to a cleaner environment and make much needed updates to our outdated energy infrastructure, allowing for safer, more efficient delivery of traditional energy sources,” said Reams.

In their written testimony, CRES noted how innovative energy infrastructure is important to our future and our nation’s economic revitalization.

“The electricity sector, driven by technological innovations and many state renewable mandates, has already begun to transform the way that we generate, store and deliver power. Innovations are also enabling us to gain efficiencies and utilize renewable resources in ways that simply weren’t possible in the past, but we have a long way to go. Federal policies can either facilitate or impede this progress.”

“CRES recognizes that the leadership of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources sought to facilitate many of the policy changes needed to assist utilities in their transition to cleaner generation resources through provisions contained in S. 2012, the Senate-passed version of the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure At of 2016. It is our hope that similar legislation will eventually be considered by the 115th Congress.”

“As one of the largest consumers of electricity in the nation, the federal government can also lead by example. We know that there is an effort by many members of Congress to ensure that the Administration continues to achieve energy and water savings at federal facilities through the use of Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) and Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESCs).”

National survey research spearheaded by Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) found notable trends in public support for clean energy solutions. The polling showed:

  • A full 82 percent of Americans believe it’s time for our country to update our energy infrastructure to allow for safer, more efficient delivery of traditional energy sources, while ensuring clean energy technologies have open access to the energy market.
  • 68 percent of Americans favor the federal government taking steps to reduce emissions of gases like carbon dioxide that cause global climate change.
  • 83 percent of Americans believe the government and private sector should partner to help innovators conduct research, support the development of clean energy technologies, and make it easier for consumers and businesses to gain access to cutting- edge energy technology.
  • 85 percent of Americans believe clean energy companies should be allowed access to the same financing options that help traditional energy companies attract investment in new technologies.
  • 86 percent of Americans support government policies that would encourage energy efficiency in buildings and homes to stimulate job creation, generate energy savings for ratepayers, as well as benefit the environment and public health.


Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization founded in 2013 to engage Republican policymakers and the public about commonsense, conservative solutions to address our nation’s need for abundant, reliable energy while preserving our environment.

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